La Cucaracha’s History

It all started in the late 60s with a woman in a kitchen the size of a large closet. At least five of her seven children were always close by.


Our parents taught us by example how to add the “love” while preparing the most delicious of Mexican dishes. “Mama,” as so many knew her, always cooked with top quality ingredients, never skimped on the spices and was a firm believer in slow, nurturing cooking. From the kitchen came sounds of fresh vegetables being cleaned and chopped and meats being seared or grilled, while the aromas of various chilies roasting wafted alongside tomatoes, garlic and herbs.


Together these wonderful ingredients produced the “sabor” or flavor that continues to excite the palate of generations of our guests. When you dine at La Cucaracha, an authentic Mexican restaurant, you have joined our “familia” in celebrating the tradition that we are so proud of to this day.


La Cucaracha is a St. Paul restaurant located in the historic Crocus Hill area at Dale and Grand Ave, a district of great dining and shopping. Cozy private booths compliment the colorful atmosphere in every room. La Cucaracha is a down-to-earth, neighborhood-style restaurant where people like to eat, celebrate and have a good time. Your visit here will be a happy, memorable experience in an unpretentious environment.


As one of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities, many of our menu items have received various local awards. With a 43 year legacy, owners Gina and Nina remain steadfast in honoring Mama’s perseverance, talent and service to all our guests past, present and future.


For over 20 years, managers Jill and Eddie have been welcoming and caring for all our guests. Let them give your Twin Cities dining experience at La Cucaracha Restaurante that special and memorable touch.


“Bienvenidos, gracias y les veremos muy pronto”